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​Editor's Letter

​Celebrating Indigenuos Hiphop

Hip-hop and its culture have fast steadily grown in Uganda especially in the urban ghetto youths communities. Since its introduction on the entertainment scene of Uganda by its pioneers like the Bataka squad, Sylvester and Abrahams, the genre has been so influential on community matters, entertainment and the political system of Uganda. In its years of existence, many youths have used hip-hop culture and its elements as a platform to express who they are and their minds on the ongoing situation in our country and societies locally and internationally. Many organizations have been formed to champion the mission of spreading the culture all over the country and across the all world.


Understanding the fact that most media houses have denied mature opportunities to celebrate and protect the achievements of hip-hop and its culture in Uganda; the culture has developed new platforms that celebrate it and its history.

Am therefore glad and happy to bring to you the Mwigha magazine that will mainly publish and celebrate the history and achievements of the local hip-hop scene of Uganda and Africa at large.


We are sure that with the honest support of you the hip-hop lovers and mwigha readers; the magazine and our website will grow steadily from strength to strength and contribute a big portion towards the growth of hip-hop in Uganda and on a global scene.


                                                                                        Thank you,                                                                                          Kigozi Ram




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